Calhoun Square



Sephora will open their first Minneapolis location in the heart of Uptown come Spring 2018.

The new store will be located at Calhoun Square at 3001 Hennepin Avenue in a space that formerly housed an AT&T location. The ground floor retail space covers 4,411 square feet and has access from both the interior and exterior.

This marks a major land for Calhoun Square.

While the center underwent a renovation and relocation of its main entrance a few years ago when it was acquired by Ackerberg Group, it has still struggled to retain tenants within prime retail spaces on the corner of Hennepin and Lake Street along with some interior spaces.

However, recently the center seems to have struck gold, not only landing Sephora, but also Fig + Farro, a new restaurant that will open in January on the ground floor in the former Parella space. The center also became the new home for Roat Osha which took over the space on the second floor that was formerly home to Chang Mai Thai. 

While Sephora may be new to the neighborhood, it won't be the only beauty retailer that has set up shop. MAC has had a location for a number of years across the street at the corner of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street, while the Urban Outfitters and Victoria's Secret locations directly across the street also carry beauty products.

Sephora currently has four freestanding locations within the Twin Cities, however there are 10 more locations found within various JCPenney locations in the metro.

Sephora plans to open in Spring 2018 at 3001 Hennepin Avenue in Calhoun Square.

Calhoun Square lands new restaurant Parella

A prime corner of Calhoun Square is finally about to get a new bustling restaurant after years of being vacant. Parella, an italian restaurant, will open in the former Filgio space on the corner of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street in early July.

Michael Larson, the owner of the successful Digby's restaurant at Rosedale Center in Roseville, is behind Parella. Larson has also managed to get all-star chef Todd Macdonald to join the team as head chef. Macdonald recently moved back to Minneapolis from New York City after begin an italian chef for the last 10 years there and working at well known restaurants such as Cru and Bouley.

Inspired by a small town in Piedmont, Italy, Parella will feature rustic italian food offerings cooked many of which will be cooked in the wood-fired pizza oven left over by Figlio or the new wood burning oven that Parella will install. Entrees will be mid-priced and feature dishes such as Jerusalem artichokes, chicken, and occasional specialty offerings such a unique steaks or roast suckling pig. 

Parella will of course feature an array of pasta dishes that chef Macdonald is well-known for. There's even another unique feature that the restaurant will include; a crudo bar. Think italian sushi. It will be the second crudo bar in the city of Minneapolis after the first opens in early summer at Monello. 

It appears that Minneapolis is becoming a haven for Italian food lovers. Monello will open in early summer at the Hotel Ivy in Downtown as part of a repositioning of the former Porter and Frye space. Il Foro will open in the former Forum downtown in late spring or early summer and will feature dishes by the star chef Jack Riebel. If italian food craving hearts weren't already weeping with joy we can now also have Parella to look forward to. What can we say, Minnesotan's love some good Italian cuisine.  

One last thing that we are certain will make this restaurant a great success is the fact that Parella plans to be open until bar-close seven nights a week. Finally, a place where we can get our late night italian cravings fulfilled. 

Parello plans to open by early July at 3001 Hennepin Avenue South in Calhoun Square.


Arc'teryx picks Minneapolis for second U.S. location

If you're familiar with Minneapolis and the various neighborhoods held within the city limits, you'll know that one seems to not only be growing into a shopping destination, but more so an outdoor enthusiasts dream shopping corridor.

Uptown's retail offerings seem to be growing at an exponential rate, specifically the area near the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. We've seen it's development over the years, but now it is becoming evident that outdoor retailers love this area. In a one block, or rather half a block, radius we can see brand name stores like Columbia Sportswear, The North Face, and Timberland along from one vantage point. This week it was announced that another new outdoor clothing and goods store will be opening up shop in what is becoming an outdoor enthusiasts retail mecca. The company? Arc'teryx.

If you're into higher end outdoor goods (we're talking jackets between $150 and $800) you might have be familiar with the brand or at least have seen it's name or goods at one of the 15 stores within in the state that are lucky enough to carry the name. If you haven't... you're not the only one and we'll take a moment to fill you in because after all... that's what we're here for. 

Arc'teryx currently only has one fully branded store in the U.S. in Seattle and another on the way in Portland, Oregon. It's not only a milestone that the company is expanding, but it's also a milestone that they have chosen Minnesota for their next location as they typically only have one store per market. It makes sense though when you think about it because, well, we're an outdoor state.


The new 2,565 square foot store will be located on the first floor of Calhoun Square in a space next to H&M that currently is vacant and will actually be the companies largest store in the U.S. The space is also conveniently located one door down from Timberland, another high end outdoor retailer in Calhoun Square. 

This is big news for Calhoun Square as the 171,521 square foot retail center was recently purchased by Ackerberg Group for close to $70 million. The goal is to completely reposition Calhoun Square in its retail offerings including extensive renovations to the interior corridor and other public spaces throughout the building. If you've been in Calhoun Square recently you've probably noticed these three words plastered everywhere... "Only Expect Change." Arc'teryx is the beginning of that change.

"Only Expect Change" branding and marketing completed by  Shea Design . 

"Only Expect Change" branding and marketing completed by Shea Design

This month construction will start on restroom renovations and soon after that there will be more extensive renovations to corridor. Arc'teryx will fill the last remaining space on the popular Hennepin Avenue side of Calhoun Square and will have both an exterior and interior entrance. 

For more information on Arc'teryx visit their website here? To see where Arc'teryx will live, visit Calhoun Square's website here

Our View

We're excited to see what is next for Calhoun Square. The center is arguably located on one of the best corners in the city of Minneapolis. The surrounding retail offerings on Hennepin Avenue include much sought after tenants like CB2, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, The North Face, and more. The Hennepin Avenue side of Calhoun Square has been solidified as prime retail space with the opening of H&M two years ago and the addition of CB2 back in 2011. Now it's time to tackle the interior.

If Ackerberg Group truly can reposition the center, we could see a retail center develop in the style of many retail centers that dot Michigan Avenue in Chicago. While there may not be Louis Vuitton and Chanel stores in store, we will see that the interior of the mall space is not considered "dead space" due to it not being on the busy street. But what we will see is the development of thriving interior corridors filled with destination stores that draw visitors, residents, and most of all, customers, inside.

There's already talk of an upper end hotel being built on a vacant lot behind the center in a development that would also include retail space for new stores or a restaurant or two. The addition of a hotel that features a well known name could be the last piece needed for Calhoun Square's success. 

We're excited to see what the future holds for Calhoun Square. With the recent acquisition of the center by Ackerberg Group, we have no doubts that we will see a breath of new life instilled within the center within the very near future.