First off, let us just say welcome to The Development Tracker | Minneapolis. We hope you'll find our website useful, interactive, and engaging and we also hope that you'll continue to use it as a resource in the future. 

Explore a bit and learn and discover about the future of Minneapolis.

-The Writers

Our Goal

Unite the private and the public. Facilitate the conversation. Connect the community.

We want people to realize that there is a way that you can play a role in shaping the future growth of your community. Our website is here to begin that conversation. To alert you of the changes, to show you the plans, and to allow you to voice your concern.

Growth is an exciting thing. Yet with growth we must ensure positivity for the city and it's citizens. 


We're development lovers. We're intrigued beyond belief about what's going up on the next block or what that old run down building on the corner could soon be revitalized and reborn as.

We're all about progress. We're all about growth. We're all about a sustainable future. But most of all, we're all about Minneapolis.

Our goal is to inform the city of Minneapolis, the state of Minnesota, and just about anyone else in the world who cares to take a moment and explore our website, all about the development occurring within this great city.

We're here to educate. We're here to enlighten minds. We're here to answer questions.

We are The Development Tracker | Minneapolis.

What makes us different from a typical business news source? Well, first off, we're not a publishing news center. We're a creative website with a blog component where we post the latest in development news right at your finger tips. We also don't want to communicate like a traditional business newspaper. We're all about being informative, friendly, creative, and most importantly, humorous. 

We're building a website for the community, not necessarily just the business clientele. We want to convey development news to you in a way that is easy to read, easy to understand, and most importantly, something that doesn't bore you. We want you to be aware of your surroundings and aware of where your city is heading in the future.

We're essentially the "middle man". We don't represent the NIMBYs (No In My Backyard) or the YIMBYs (Yes In My Backyard). We post an opinion here and there but really what we are all about is a progressive and positive future. Development can be great, but also development can be harmful. We're here to ensure that the community knows what is going on in hopes that every development that occurs in the future in one that is beneficial to the community and something that the community truly desires.


The website you're viewing right now has a big sister.

We have another development website based on a small(ish) tourist town up north. Ever heard of it? It's called Duluth...and it's America's Best Outdoor City... but we also like to argue that it's recently one of America's best cities for commercial development.

CDINDULUTH is the inspiration for The Development Tracker | Minneapolis. It's a blog and website that began nearly six years ago and has been growing ever since then. It's the reason for what you're are finding here today and what you are to find here in the years to come. We like to think of the two websites as siblings... and as with any sibling, we'd like you to meet them too. 

Check out another great development crazed website and gain the knowledge of how Northern Minnesota is growing in ways no one could have predicted before. Check out CDINDULUTH here.