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A new coffeehouse is coming to the North Loop, with love sent by Chicago.

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea will open a new 2,420 square foot location at 120 3rd Avenue N in a historic building that is currently undergoing a complete renovation. This will be Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea first (or second) location outside of Chicago, they currently have two locations within Chicago. Another location is also under construction in Los Angeles.

Now, Fairgrounds is not just another coffeehouse. 


What makes Fairgrounds different than other coffee houses is that they serve products from multiple coffeehouses and breweries. Most coffeehouses stick to a single brew, typically their own.

What Fairgrounds is classified as in the coffee world is a "brewery agnostic". This means they serve brews from a number of different breweries and coffeehouses, and not just any coffeehouses, but the nations BEST coffeehouses. We're proud to say that Minneapolis' very own Spyhouse is on their list.

The new cafe will service hot and cold brews along with espresso, matcha, tea, and a unique list of elixers (fancy coffee beverages). There will also be a food menu including breakfast items, sandwiches, soups, salads, and more.

Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea is expected to open in Summer 2018 at 120 3rd Avenue N.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters plans North Loop location

Coffee lovers rejoice as one of Minneapolites favorite coffee destinations is about to add another location and this time around it's in Minneapolis' trendy North Loop neighborhood. To be honest, we here at The Development Tracker | Minneapolis are screaming with joy (without trying to spill our coffee of course). Minneapolis, get ready to say hello to Spyhouse West

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters officially announced yesterday that a new location will open in June on the first floor of Brunswick North Loop, a luxury apartment building completed in 2013 at 915 Washington Avenue North. The company had been alluding to the fact that a new location was in the works for the past couple of weeks and at one point even posted a view of a Spyhouse cup with the skyline behind it and a caption simply stating "X marks the". 

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters was founded in 2000 by Christian Johnson who has now successfully grown the company to not only roast their own coffee beans but to also include three very successful locations. Spyhouse Northeast, the most recently added location, opened in 2013 on Broadway and Central in Northeast Minneapolis. Two other locations are located in the Uptown neighborhood with the original being on Nicollet Avenue and the second on a busy corner of Hennepin Avenue.

If there's one thing we absolutely love about Spyhouse, besides their delicious coffee of course, and it's the design of their locations. It's some of the best and most detailed design we've seen in any coffee joint around. We like to say that every space in each location is a truly "Instagramable" corner... quite literally (check out their Instagram to see). Christian is responsible for much of the design that you see at any of the Spyhouse locations you visit. Customer are quick to notice that there often is mid-century design atheistic to these locations, many of which include antiques the Christian has collected over time.

The newest location in Northeast that opened in 2013 is in the historic Land 0' Nod Mattress factory which has since then been converted into a thriving office and retail building called "The Broadway". That particular Spyhouse location sports a beautiful early 20th century design which we absolutely love.

So that has us thinking, what's in store for the next Spyhouse location?

Brunsfield North Loop

If you know of the Brunswick North Loop building you know that its very modern in its design. So this has our brains racked and extremely excited to see just what Spyhouse does with their newest location. Seeing that all of the locations sport a design theme from the first part of the 20th century, could we see Spyhouse's first modern store design emerge? The space in which they will be locating includes entirely glass walls and extremely tall ceilings. 

Only time will tell what the new location will look like, unless we can get our hands on some construction plans somehow. We'll just patiently wait with our Spyhouse Coffee in our hand until Spyhouse West officially opens come June.