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MOXY Hotel proposal loses some height

Rendering of the new Graves Hospitality proposal | Collage Architects

Plans for a hotel in the Uptown neighborhood recently were changed due to neighborhood opposition.

We wrote a few weeks ago about a new hotel proposed for the Uptown neighborhood. The developer, Graves Hospitality, planned to bring a 9 story hotel with 144 rooms to a busy intersection. The hotel was to be under the MOXY brand, a new hotel chain aimed at millennials developed by Marriott (to learn more about the hotel read our previous post here).

This week the developers came back to the city with new plans for a shorter hotel on the corner of Lake and Emerson. Scaled down by three stories, the proposed hotel now stands at 6 stories at the front and five stories or 58 feet at the back. With the reduction in height came a reduction in number of hotel rooms down from 140 to 123.

As far as the rest of the details for the project they've remained the same. A restaurant is still planned for the ground floor and the hotel is still expected to fall under the Moxy brand, making it one of the first in the country.

We'll have more information regarding this project once it heads to the Minneapolis Planning Commission meeting on February 8th.


It's all in the details: 3041 HOLMES AVENUE

The details are here for a project announced last year by Jim Graves, CEO of Graves Hospitality and founder of AmericInn. We're talking about 3041 Holmes Avenue, a new mixed-use project near the heart of Uptown.

A few minor changes have occurred since designs were last shown for the project this past summer. To the naked eye it pretty much looks the same... and that's because it essentially is. What has been decided is what the project will include regarding its residential units. Ladies and Gentlemen, they'll be luxury condominium units. 

Ground Floor | Planning Commission

The six story project will include nine dwelling units that will be available for purchase. While original plans for the project included a restaurant and bar on the first floor, the most recent plans have shrunk that down leaving a 1,000 square foot retail space at the corner of 31st Street West and Holmes Avenue South.

Residents within the building will have access to amenities such as a bike repair and maintenance space, fitness room, and library. The ground floor will also include parking area with 18 stalls that will be accessible from Holmes Avenue S and completely screened along with three individual garages on the alley side.

Residential units will number two per floor except the sixth floor which will feature a single penthouse unit. Each unit will include an outdoor patio and/or a deck space and of course a high quality, fully customizable, luxury interior. Overall the building will be a nice addition to Uptown featuring quality materials including stone with granite accents, cast stone and metal.

Developers are requesting a variance for lot coverage as the maximum allowed is 70 percent and the project occupies 84.8 percent according to documents submitted to the city planning commission. Collage Architects is responsible for the design of the project.

If approved, construction could begin as soon as early Summer.

Uptown, meet Moxy. Your long awaited hotel.


Uptown may soon get the hotel that many have hoped and wished for for many years now, that's if Graves Hospitality wish to bring a new Marriott branded hotel called Moxy is granted by the city of Minneapolis.

Planned for 1121 West Lake Street, the new Moxy hotel would stand 9 stories tall and feature a ground floor restaurant/bar along 144 guest rooms on floors 2-9. The ground floor restaurant would be managed by Minneapolis based Graves Hospitality. A fun fact about this project is that it would be the FIRST Moxy hotel to open in the United States.

Plans for the street level of the new Moxy hotel  |  Collage Architects

Moxy most likely is a hotel chain you have yet to hear of and there's a good reason; it's less than a year old. The hotel brand was developed by Marriott and currently only has ONE open location in the entire world. That location won't remain the only child for long as 50 more hotels are in the pipeline for the Moxy brand expected to bring over 10,000 new hotel rooms to Marriott's portfolio.

Moxy hotels are planned for high profile metropolitan areas across the country such as New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago and also in European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

Moxy is mean't to be a new style of hotel. Described by Marriott as an affordable luxury hotel chain that falls under the 3-star-tier segment, it's aimed at the millennial traveler "who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices." The hotels feature innovative technology and style that are sure to attract younger generations while offering prices that are lower than comparable hotel brands. Hotels feature vibrant lobby areas that offer 24-hour cafe/bars along with seating areas equipped with all the technological needs one could desire.

The planned Moxy hotel for Uptown's Lake Street will go before the Minneapolis Planning Commission this Thursday, November 19th, in order to seek a height variance (4 stories or 56 feet is currently allowed on site) along with feedback on massing and a request for C3A zoning.

We'll have more details regarding the project as they become available. 

Luxury condominiums could soon rise near the heart of Uptown

If a local developer has their way a site that currently is a parking lot could soon be home to a new condominium building. Sam Black of the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal reported earlier today on the plans by developer Jim Graves.

The site is located at 3041 Holmes Avenue right near the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and 31st Street South. The site is located directly next to the building that houses Lucia's Restaurant  and is currently a surface parking lot and a duplex. If you're unfamiliar with Lucia's Restaurant well, to be honest that needs to change immediately. They are certainly worth a visit.

If you still can't quite pin point the area we are talking about let's talk about what's around it. Think of the area where Paper Source, CB2, H&M, Apple following us yet? The site is located on the block across from Calhoun Square down towards the end where Paper Source is. Basically on the very edge of the main retail corridor. If you still aren't sure there's a map at the bottom of this article.

Above: Rendering of the 6 story condominum building proposed by development Jim Graves. (Graves Hospitality and Collage Architecture)

Jim Graves is president of Graves Hospitality. His company plans to develop a 6 story residential building that would include only 9 condominium units. The units are to be "very, very, VERY high end" according to Graves and average about 3,000 square feet. The first floor would also include a restaurant with an outdoor patio.

Collage Architects is responsible for the design of the building which features a very modern exterior clad in what appears to be light brick and possible copper accents. The structure would be around the same height as the Solhem residential building located right down the block.

Graves did note that there is a 25 percent chance that building could become rental units but regardless residential units would be developed on the site. Which makes complete sense because what person wouldn't want to live in this neighborhood?

The plans for the project are set to go before the East Calhoun Community Organization on June 15th. If the project does go before the Minneapolis Planning Commission this summer there is a chance construction could start in the fall.